10 Great Ways to Use a Waterproof Dry Bag This Summer

Summer is here, and while you’ve missed your Fourth of July barbecue, there is still about a month left. Prepping for a Labor Day getaway? There are ample opportunities to have fun. With all the adventure you’ll be doing, it is important to keep your gear protected and dry.

The Laughing Lion Dry Bag is the perfect tool to protect all of your valuables this summer. This guide will help you learn how a dry bag can help you with all of your summer activities.



Summer brings great weather, and it is a great time to go into nature. Hiking is a great way to see Mother Nature while also being a fun activity for all ages. With a variety of hikes, you can find one for any age group. From infant to elderly, there is a hike for you.

The only problem with going off-the-grid is you need to haul all of your stuff with you. You may not be able to find a quality source of water or food. You might also need to bring tools like a flashlight or bear mace. This is where a dry bag is perfect for hiking. All of your gear is comfortably strapped to your back, and if you get caught in a shower, you are confident that all of your gear is safe and dry.

If a hike is in your plans for this summer, make sure to bring a dry bag to keep all of your stuff dry.



Summer’s great weather not only makes you want to hike but also it offers a great time to camp beneath the stars. With warm weather and clear skies, you can sleep in nature’s home.

Under the stars, you can never control the elements. With rain always a possibility, a dry bag is perfect for protecting your valuable electronics and other gadgets. We’ve also heard that the Laughing Lion dry bag is a great way to transport food.



Hop in the kayak and slide into your local river. You can cover a lot of territory quickly when water pushes you downstream. With each splash, you’ll smile and feel the adrenaline pumping from your heads to your toes.

It is a blast, but you need to be careful to make sure your sandwich doesn’t get soggy and keep your phone from taking a swim. Strapping our dry bag onto the kayak will make sure your gear is properly protected and dry for your adventure.


Mountain Climbing

When you are at high altitude, it is difficult to adjust when bad weather appears. Fortunately, the Laughing Lion dry bag can protect your valuables from rain, snow, sleet, and hail at high altitudes.

On a recent product testing trip in Colorado, we were slammed by a hail storm while we were over 14,000 feet above sea level. Needless to say, our valuables were safe and dry.




With Labor Day around the corner, people are rushing to the beach to get the last glimmer of warmth and sunshine. Surfing has always been a favorite beach past time, and you need a Laughing Lion dry bag to protect your gear. You can strap it on your back while hitting the waves with full confidence that it will float if it falls off your back. Rest assured, if you leave it on the beach, its bright yellow color will make it easy to spot if a thief attempts to steal your stuff.

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the latest crazes. From fitness to tourism, people of all ages are hopping onto SUP. The Laughing Lion dry bag is perfect for SUP because you can mount it to your board with our strap, or you can have it comfortably resting across your back as you explore your favorite waterway.



Whether you are hitting the pool or heading to the beach, you never know when an errant wave or splash can cause disaster for your electronics. If you don’t believe us, check out this video from a recent product testing trip in Australia.


Snow Trekking

It doesn’t snow in the summer time, so why would you put snow trekking? While it doesn’t snow in Florida or South Carolina, many parts of this country offer snow at higher elevations. It can be a great way to get away from the heat and connect with nature.

The Laughing Lion dry bag can easily sit on your back while you trek across cold, snowy landscapes.



Warm weather can be a great time to hop in the water and go fishing. Whether you are fly fishing or bowfishing, you are definitely going to get wet. Having a durable dry bag is essential when you fight to reel in your big catch.

Stay dry when you head out fishing and grab a Laughing Lion dry bag.


Beach Fun

Sand and sun can lead to a lot of fun, but they can also lead to some undesirable moments. We don’t always keep an eye on rising tides, and rather than worry about the water level, just get a dry bag. Throw your gear in it, and if it floats away, it will be easy to spot in the surf.




Snorkeling is the most efficient way to explore the sea. Without the heavy oxygen tanks, preparation, and risk of scuba diving, you can view sealife on the surface. The Laughing Lion dry bag is a great accessory for snorkeling because it will protect your gear from the rough waves. Also, because it floats on your back, its bright yellow color acts as a safety device.

Trust us, you won’t get stranded at sea when they spot your bright bag. Also, it can alert nearby boats to your presence so you don’t get struck by an errant boat.

Grab one today for all of life’s adventures and enjoy the last few days of summer!